My Views Aren't My Neighbor's Views


I was kind of having a slow day yesterday, so I decided to do some household chores. I also mowed the lawn with my year old Worx electric lawn mower, which I got after reading all the WORX lawn mower reviews and comparing each one. This one has never given me a problem and it's still going strong.

So I was out there mowing when my neighbor came over to chat with me. My electric mower is not loud, so we just talk over it. We were discussing politics because so much is going on right now, there's so much to talk about. There's always something new happening, so we can always debate back and forth.

I say “debate” because he is a strong Trump supporter and I am the complete opposite. I try to talk some common sense into him, but I don't think it's getting through. We don't fight and get along rather well, but this is something that gets me angry inside.

But thankfully we can discuss it like adults and agree to disagree without it getting heated. The truth is, I'm pretty worried about the state of this country and what's going to happen as time goes on. I think it will affect him more than he knows, and only then will he realize what a mistake he made.

My wife has to do the same thing with some of her coworkers, and she's pretty tired of fighting it. They're a pretty vocal bunch and come down on anyone who doesn't agree with them, so she just decided not to participate at all. She has started hanging out with like-minded people instead.

I can't escape my neighbor though, who does like to talk a lot about this subject, but I can handle him more easily than she can at work. I usually try to change the subject and eventually we're on to something else and having a beer together!